[ENG] Maya See Mook (2013)

Title: Maya See Mook (มายาสีมุก)
English Title: The Crafty Colour Pearl
Air Time: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
Air Period: March 29, 2013-May 18, 2013
Genre: Comedy Romance Drama
Broadcast Channel: 7
Company Name: Kantana
Episode: 23

Vee Veraparb Suparbpaiboon as Keerin
Green Atsadaporn Siriwattanakul as Kaimook

Ninja K-Subs

Subbed by Ninja K-Subs
***Softsubbed. HD MKV w/ Subtitles ON/OFF***

FileFactory Folder

Recommended: Install the CCCP & VideoLAN if you haven’t. You can set it as MPC by right-click ‘Properties’, click ‘Change’ to ‘Media Player Classic’. MPC has a better viewing of SRT subtitles to appear a thick text.

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12 Responses to [ENG] Maya See Mook (2013)

  1. mariana123 says:

    kimberly posted ep 5 from MSM

  2. mariana123 says:

    Ups, I’ve done it! Sorry! Anyway can’t wait .

  3. hentram says:

    thank you so much uploader.

  4. B/Peen says:

    thanks so much Ninja K-Subs and kitkat for subbing and uploading for us, there are a lot of ch 7 lakorns and others here. So appreciation your work and effort again,

  5. Joasia says:

    Sounds really interesting – thanks kitkat.

  6. Hi, Kitkat! Thank you for your wonderful job!!!
    Will you continue the Maya See Mook ?

  7. Ki says:

    It is completed by Ninjakkn :) Yay.

  8. seveneleven says:

    Hi kitkat, thxs for all.
    The first part doesn´t work

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