[ENG] Majurat See Nam Pueng (2013)

Title: Majurat See Nam Pueng (มัจจุราชสีน้ำผึ้ง)
English Title: Sweet Death
Air Time: Monday and Tuesday
Air Period: May 13, 2013-July 1, 2013
Genre: Romance  Drama
Broadcast Channel: 3
Company Name: Broadcast Thai
Episode: 15

Ken Theeradeth Wonpuapan as Paat Pathamakul
Namtarn Pichukkana Wongsarattanasin as Rojanasnai Peung Wichanee
Tah Warit Tipgomut as Lieutenant General Prawut Thraipolrachata
Saiparn Apinya Sakuljaroensuk as Romereuthai
Boy Pidsanu Nimsakul as Pootawee
Ice Apissada Kreurkongka as Uraat

Asianfuse Wiki

Subbed by The Sweet Death Team@Viki
***Softsubbed. HD MKV w/ Subtitles ON/OFF***

FileFactory Folder

Recommended: Install the CCCP & VideoLAN if you haven’t. You can set it as MPC by right-click ‘Properties’, click ‘Change’ to ‘Media Player Classic’. MPC has a better viewing of SRT subtitles to appear a thick text.

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51 Responses to [ENG] Majurat See Nam Pueng (2013)

  1. hentram says:

    thank you thank you so much, been looking for this lakorn, you’re sure spoil us fans a lot w/HD videos.

    • kitkat says:

      I might have to buy another harddrive soon. :lol:

      • hentram says:

        you mean portable hard drive? I did have one 2TB, I bought it @Costco to save all yours HD videos, one quick question, please don’t get mad cuz i’m too lazy to go to request section, do u have HD of Sawan Being, the one w/Ken & Ann. Merci.

        • kitkat says:

          Actually, it’s external harddrive to be exact. I have several 3-4TB drives, collecting many Anime and Asian dramas and yet I still need more, lol.

          Sawan Biang is on Dootv but it’s re-runs so it’s total 28 episodes and there’s no HD available, only SD.

          • Sunni says:

            Dang, that’s really sad there’s no HD version of Sawan Biang. It’s one of my all-time favorites. Maybe someday there will be an HD version.

            • kitkat says:

              Well, it turned out that I do have an unofficial DVD set for SB. I’m sure it’s better than what Dootv has, though… my team would love to work on it but we need the subs first. :)

        • JG says:

          Can you show me how to download please. THANKS for your help. I didn;t want to brother Kitkat because she is already so nice and upload all the movies. THANKS FOR YOUR TIME EVERYONE

        • JG says:

          Hey Hentran,
          How do you download the movies and to save all HD videos. Thanks for your help.

          Thanks for all you do

  2. af1993 says:

    @kitkat sorry to interrupt..but dootv has no eng subtitle isnt it?

  3. is it only my computer because i cant get episode 7?

  4. BBao says:

    Omg. jus when thought no one was subbing it Thanks so Much. Buttah do I really have to create an account to watch this?

  5. tikatok says:

    Dear Kitkat…Thank u so much for upload all the beautiful lakorn with HQ
    I want to ask, why I can not download or watch epi 7 ?
    I already close the pop up,stil can’t downloaded???? please help me
    Thank u so much

  6. Steph says:

    Lol, I’m gonna need to buy a new external hard drive, I see! Keep it coming. Thank you!

  7. jellyfish888 says:

    I seem to be having trouble downloading ep12. Can you please if the problem is with me or the link is broken? Thanks

  8. wayanime says:

    First time seeing this lakorn, but I really love Ken playing mean again!! Thank you for all your hard Work and to the sweet death team from wiki

  9. shia says:

    okay imma feel like an idiot asking this seeing as everyone is getting the vids fine, but i have never had difficulty downloading from sites yet this site seems to stump me. How do we download from the site? I know the link is supposed to be at the bottom, I’ve searched up how and after testing about 3 different ways to dl the vid the download link still does not appear to me. iono if it’s just my comp or what but please help me i really wanna get this lakorn.

  10. nic says:

    Thanks for uploading this lakorn, however it won’t find the file for the last two episodes.

  11. ladyloretti says:

    Thank You!! Recently finished watching it, it’s really good :)

  12. M@y says:

    Thank you for sharing another great lakorn ;)

  13. B says:

    OMG, really big surprised for me tonight, i ‘ve been searching all over everywhere and here it is, thanks so much subteam and kitkat, a big big thanks and appreciation for all your hard works,

  14. toDearCarol says:

    Hi, Kitkat: Frankly speaking, I’d like very much to show you how much I appreciate your sharing everything with all of us, who neither speak nor understand Thai. Your hard work has been able to make us fall in love with Thai dramas more. ^^ Thanks a million from the bottom of my heart ! By the way, I have been trying to download Ep 13 for several times, but later it never worked out whenever I played it. Could you please re-upload it? Thanks again!

  15. munich1975 says:

    i hv been trying to download..aft downloading e Program i was prompted n Run e Setup..still nothing happens..is t it just click ‘Download” ? sorry..if i sounded “stupid”

  16. zaza says:

    Thank you so much… One of my fav lakorn :)

  17. Ki says:

    I really enjoyed watching it – thank you :)

  18. Kim says:

    there are no download links… :(
    Thanks so much for all your hardwork!!!! :)

  19. bstyl says:

    Thank you very much for your hard work on this lakorn!!

  20. Nieza says:

    Dear Kitkat,

    Thank you for the great Lakorn, I don’t have CCCC or Vlan and tried watch the drama using MPC. But the subtitle didn’t come out. I tried VLC but the video quality became bad but the subs came out. Do you know where I can dld the softsub? Your help is greatly appreciated.

  21. JG says:

    THANKS FOR EVERYTHING. Also, thanks for making this website easy to use and download the files, YOU ARE SMART. You make people like me that doesn’t know how to use computer easy to understand. I really appreciate all your HARD WORK. THANKS AGAIN. THIS WEBSITE IS AWESOME. THANKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS A MILLLLIONNNNNNNNNNN.
    I love Thai Movies but dont speak Thai.

  22. mealii says:

    OMG I’ve been searching for this lakorn but is it just me that I don’t see the English sub?I thought it’s sub in English but when I open and watch it there’s no English sub. Am I doing something wrong?

  23. Rachel says:

    hi there,
    I couldn’t download episode 1 cause the server is temporary down or expired. Thanks for uploading and sharing the lakorn with us. I would like to know when I can download the episode 1 again.
    Thanks again.

  24. Hello kitkat..Thank you for the sharing this lakorns and other lakorns as well. I really appreciate it. Can you pls. help me figure out how to download it with subtitle? I’ve been trying so many ways but failed. Do I need to pay the membership fee to be able to download it? Thanks in advance

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