[ENG] Roy Lae Sanae Luang (2013)

Title: Roy Lae Sanae Luang (ร้อยเล่ห์เสน่ห์ลวง)
English Title: Charming Deception
Air Time: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
Air Period: February 15, 2013-March 24, 2013
Genre: Revenge Romance Drama
Broadcast Channel: 7
Company Name: DaraVDO
Episode: 18

Weir Sukollawat Kanarot as Krao
Mai Davika Hoorne as Arnus or Nus

Asianfuse Wiki

Subbed by Ninja K-Subs
***Softsubbed. HD MKV w/ Subtitles ON/OFF***

FileFactory Folder


Recommended: Install the CCCP & VideoLAN if you haven’t. You can set it as MPC by right-click ‘Properties’, click ‘Change’ to ‘Media Player Classic’. MPC has a better viewing of SRT subtitles to appear a thick text.

9 thoughts on “[ENG] Roy Lae Sanae Luang (2013)”

  1. ah ok,, actually i already downloaded this lakorn from Jasmin’s Lakorn Blog, but recently i found that your upload is the best quality so i decided to re-download all my favorite lakorn available in your blog.. thanks for the reply and i’ll be patiently waiting for you upload.. thanks again.. =)

  2. Dear Kitkat, first of all, I would love to thank you very much for sharing all your higher quality (HD) lakorns with us, whom are from all over the world. I really appreciate it from the depth of my heart. Secondly, there is something I’d like to tell you right here. I know that you have been extremely busy so you won’t be able to have enough time to check up every episode whenever you upload to FileFactory. Frankly speaking, I found that something wrong with the episode 7 and episode 8. In the episode 7, the subtitles won’t disappear from the time 1:08 on, sometimes the lyrics of the song might appear on the left top, but the dialogues have been missing. As for the episode 8, the subtitles of various parts are not in sync with the audio from the beginning, or the subtitles never appear on the right spots. I don’t understand Thai so I just try to guess (maybe I am wrong^^ )… Hopefully my messages won’t cause you any inconvenience. Thank you very much anyway:) May God bless you with joy and grace:) ^^

  3. First thanks so much for this show. Second I’m watching this now and just had a question is there a reason the subs are pink not white like most of the softsubs you put out?

    1. It should be red.😛 Well, the subs are personally stylized by NinjaKKN. We have nothing to do with it. White subs are what you see in Viki, isn’t it? Although I could’ve stylize it but I find it unnecessary, IMO.🙂

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